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This beautiful kitchen was redone in Braintree from start to finish, completely gutted and built back up. The cherry wood cabinets were picked to give the kitchen a warm glow, while two different types of granite countertop and an intricate backsplash tie the room together. All this work was done by hand by KNE Tile. Here are more pictures of the job site:

Kitchen Tile and Hardwood Cabinets

Kitchen Tile and Hardwood Cabinets

The tile had to be cut around the winding floor plan of the kitchen and goes well with the color scheme and style of the rest of the kitchen.

We also redid the bathroom entirely from scratch. Check out the tile and designs in the pictures below:IMG_3519


The floor tile reaches up the walls into a cool wood-tile backsplash with a ceramic tub. Not pictured is the redone glass shower on the left.